Helluvawoman Podcast, made by women, about women to women.

We uncover and honor women in history, fiction, mythology, arts, sports and science from all over the world to empower women of our times.

Every two-weeks a new episode telling the story and life of a great and brave woman to inspire other women.

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The Helluvawoman Podcast is an original idea of Eliara Santos, a multi-language teacher, and bachelor in economics and business management, passionate about ancient history, mythology and arts. It comes to life through hours of continuous, dedicate and tireless work in research, writing, recording and audio editing. Each new episode is done with the same passion and commitment as the first one: the commitment to empower women through other women lives, stories and accomplishments.

“Helluvawoman is not about me. It is not a way for me to get attention over the internet or to chase fame or fortune. I don’t need it, I don’t want it. All I want to do is to use every knowledge I have gathered throughout my life till now to give something back to others the way I am able to do it. To me, the best way to do this is communicating and sharing knowledge, because knowledge is power and empowered people will always have the potential to do great things and change the world.” – Eliara Santos.

The Helluvawoman Podcast has came to life thanks to the generosity of the following people: Daniela “Dani Mart” Martins (thanks for your help with the logo, translating my ideas into an image!) Juliana Borges (thank you so much for your precious technical advices! I would not have done anything right without your feedback) and Anthony de Bellis (the only man in this girl power/ feminist project. How awesome is that, brother? Thanks for proofreading the articles I use for the episodes!). This podcast wouldn’t exist without the help of these people and it is theirs as much as it is mine. (You will have my forever friendship and gratitude!)

A big thank you goes also to my family and friends (I won’t make names because I fear to forget someone, but you know who you are!) for their beyond amazing support and for believing in me even in all those times I thought I wouldn’t be able to do things (and believe me, this happened a lot!). You inspire me, you make me stronger, you make me believe I cannot only dream about things, but I can also have them (and it is OK!). Thank you all so much for everything, I love you.

The music used in the episodes of the Helluvawoman Podcast belong to Stefan Kartenberg (intro and outro) and Graham Batzler (interlude) – Licensed under Creative Commons

Episode 10 – Special Episode – Violence Against Women & Femicides Helluvawoman Podcast

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  5. Frida Kahlo

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